Welcome to ALASKAMOUNTAINMAN.COM. We have created this Web Site in response to the overwhelming interest from viewers of the "Railroad Alaska" TV series which was hosted by the Destination America Channel and featured Jim and Nancy James in several episodes.
Nancy and Jim - "Loaded for Bear"

Living in the wilderness of Alaska, on a full time basis, presents many challenges and imposes significant hardships and danger to those brave people who attempt to do so. In this site we will show you "first hand" how Jim and Nancy have dealt with these challenges and have survived in the wilderness for over 18 years. In this site we will explore several topics including How we Surrive in the Wilderness, How We Use Technology in the Bush, Sources of Food, Danger From Alaska Animals" and others. From time to time we will also feature true stories about the personal lives of Jim and Nancy as written by Nancy. But mainly, we want to answer question that you may have so please click on CONTACT US and ask away. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Jim is 67 years old. Born in Hattiesburg MS, he grew up in Southern Illinois. Jim owned and managed several automobile repair businesses in Southern Illinois before moving to Alaska. Jim loves to hunt and fish and live in the wilderness. He also likes to develop new and more efficient ways to infuse modern technology into the wilderness. Nancy James was born in Vincennes, Indiana July 20, 1953. She spent her childhood years including grade school in Washington, Indiana. In 1967 she and her family moved to Carlisle, Illinois where she graduated from high school in 1971. For eight years she helped her family run a Laundromat in Carlisle. In 1978, while searching for someone to work on her MGB sports car she met Jim. Jim and Nancy fell in love and moved to Oregon in 1980 where they spent the winter. In 1981 Jim and Nancy travelled the Alcon highway and entered Alaska May 8, 1981. They spent their first winter in Alaska on a remote gold claim near the Canadian border not far from Haines, Alaska. In 1982 Jim and Nancy moved to Juneau, Alaska and got married in Juneau May 25, 1982. They spent three years in Juneau as owner operator of a foreign car repair shop before moving to Wasilla, Alaska in 1985. That same year they moved to Talkeetna, Alaska where they remained until 1995 at which time they moved to the Alaska wilderness 12 miles north of Talkeetna. Nancy's passion is doing artwork, carving, and now writing. Her hobby is taking care of Jim.
Jim James
Nancy James
Jim passed away August 10, 2016.
May he find eternal peace with God.