Jim and Nancy's Living Complex
Jim and Nancy began building their wilderness house in 1986 while still living in Talkeetna. The house was nearly finished when they moved into it in 1995. It has a kitchen, living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The back room has an attic above it and a root cellar below it. Most of the inside paneling and all of the outside siding is made of cedar wood.
Out House
The guest cabin was built in 1992. Jim cut the logs from trees in a nearby forest. Nancy removed the bark from all of the logs while Jim scribed each log and notched the end of each log my hand. It is the first round log cabin Jim ever built. Inside the cabin there is room enough for two single beds and a wood stove. The cabin is used as a guest cabin; it is fun for a visitor to spend the night in an original log cabin.
Aerial view of Jim and Nancy's Homestead
Small Green House
New Green House
The pole barn was built in 1997. All of the lumber came from trees logged and milled on site by Jim and Nancy. In the backroom is Jim's reloading equipment where he reloads most of his ammunition. The remainder of the building is used as a dry space for woodworking.
Firewood Storage
Jim and Nancy's New House
Our House
Guest Cabin
Jim and Nancy keep two years of firewood cut at all times. Using a chain saw, Jim harvests suitable trees from his property, cuts each log into smaller sections and then splits each of the smaller logs into burnable pieces using a gasoline powered log splitter.
The New Greenhouse was built in 2008 and the plastic was put on in 2009. All of the lumber with the exception of the pressure treated foundation posts, came from trees logged and milled by Jim and Nancy from a nearby forest. The first floor is used for a workshop and seasonal storage for snow machines and ATV's. The top floor is a greenhouse with shaded area for transplanting etc. The greenhouse was built high off of the ground so bears cannot destroy the plastic or the plants.
The Outhouse is a must have building. There is no door on the Outhouse to prevent bears from sneaking up on the occupant. Since there is no door, a clear shot can be made at any bear that may come along allowing the user to then continue with his or her business with little interruption.
Jim and Nancy's Homestead, which is situated on five acres of land, is approximately 12 mile north of Talkeetna, Alaska They are near the Alaska Railroad which is their primary means of transportation to Talkeetna and the outside world.
Pole Barn
This picture shows the very beginning of Jim and Nancy's new home. As of the Fall of 2014 the foundation and sub-flooring for the first floorare are complete as well as two of the outside walls.