Solar Panels
Jim and Nancy have mounted solar panels on the roof of the Guest Cabin for the purpose of converting solar energy to electricity that can be used to provide lighting for their buildings as well as providing electricity for the refrigerator, television and small appliances. Electricity generated by the solar panels is used to charge a bank of wet cell batteries. An inverter is used to convert the direct current (24 volt DC) into 120 volt alternating current. Even during times of direct sunlight the solar panels aren't enough to provide the needed amount of electricity so a small diesel generator is used to supplement the power supplied by the solar panels. During much of the winter months as well as nights and overcast days, the diesel generator supplies all of the electricity to the batteries.
Diesel Generator
A small diesel generator is used the majority of the time to charge the batteries that provide electricity to Jim and Nancy's homestead. The building containing the generators is located near the main house. Fuel for the generators is brought in 50 gal drums to the rail head by the Alaska Railroad and then is transported to the homestead by Jim and Nancy using a wagon pulled by an ATV in the summer and a sled pulled by a snow machine in the winter. The generators provide direct current to charge the bank of batteries. An inverter converts the direct current from the batteries to alternating current which is used in the electrical circuits in the house and our buildings.
Telephone Service
Telephone service is provided by a local telephone service provider via a standard cell tower. The telephone signal from the tower is captured by a Yagi Antenna that is mounted to the roof of the main house. Telephone service is not reliable as distance and atmospheric obstacles often impede voice transmission.
Potable Water
Water used for drinking and cooking is transported in tanks from a local fresh water spring to the main house by ATV and wagon or snow machine and sled. A water pump, similar to ones used in recreational vehicles, is used to pump water from a water tank to the kitchen sink as well as other appliances within the house.
Other Bush Technology
In order to provide modern technology to the bush, Jim is proficient in several technical disciplines including electrical, mechanical, structural, hydraulics, munitions, and others. He repairs all equipment in use on the property including, ATV's, snow machines, chain saws, woodworking tools such as planers, routers, saws of all types, as well as drills and power generators. He repairs their guns as well as reloads ammunition for rifles, pistols and shot guns. He has designed and installed all plumbing and electrical systems in the living complex and provides maintenance for these systems. He is also very knowledgeable in structural engineering as he and Nancy have designed and built all of the structures on the property including the design and ongoing construction of their new home.